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Calories in Beer, Alcohol in Beer, Carbs in Beer
Calories in Beers from Large Breweries
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How many CALORIES IN BEER? All data is for a 12 ounce serving. Brewers occasionally change their recipes, so if you have a can in your hand right now that says something different than this chart,
 please send an update at our contact us page..  Thank you for visiting our Calories in Beer page and we hope you look through the website and enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: The numbers listed are derived from calculations that make an assumption about the nutritional information and calories in beer.  The assumption is that after fermentation is complete there are carbohydrates remaining in the beer.  Of those Carbohydrates, 75% to 80% of those have a "net carb" impact.  Since the calculated values are based on this assumption, one should use these numbers as a guideline for the total calories in beer and carbohydrate values.

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To update calories in beer, alcohol in beer, or carbohydrates in beer information:
Visit our
contact us  and email per instructions.

An asterisk means the brewery does not respond to my requests for information.
DISCLAIMER: This chart will never be exact due to brewers changes in recipes. I work very hard to keep it up, but do not use it for exact dietary calculations.

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