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Calories in Beer
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 How many calories in BEER?
Beer Calories, Beer Alcohol, Beer Carb Content 

Import Beers from Large Breweries - See the left navigation bar for other types.

How many calories in beer? All data is for a 12 ounce serving. Brewers occasionally change their recipes, so if you have a can in your hand right now that says something different than this chart, please post updated info on our message board.  Also, I have noticed from my logs that a lot of people visit this page and then leave. There are lots of other great things on the site besides this chart.

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To update beer calories, Beer alcohol, or Beer carbohydrate information:
Visit our
contact us  and email per instructions.

An asterisk means the brewery does not respond to my requests for information.
DISCLAIMER: This chart will never be exact due to brewers changes in recipes. I work very hard to keep it up, but do not use it for exact dietary calculations.

Calories in Beer                                Calories in Beer
Imports                                            Domestics
Imports                       Domestic

Imported Beers - note that the information is per 12 oz. serving. Many imports come in pints.
Brand Brewer (Country)  Alcohol
Calories 12 oz. Carbohydrates
Amstel Amstel Brouwerij B.V. (Holland)     10.65g
Amstel Light Amstel Brouwerij B.V. (Holland) 3.9% 99 5.33g
Asahi Draft Beer Asahi (Japan) 5.0% 146  
Bass & Co's Pale Ale Bass (England) 5.5% 160  
Beamish Irish Cream Stout Beamish - Crawford (Ireland) 4.9% 146  
Beck's Beer Brauerei Beck (Germany) 5.0% 143 10.0g
Beck's Light Brauerei Beck (Germany) 2.3% 64 3.9g
Beck's Dark Brauerei Beck (Germany) 4.8% 146 11.0g
Czechver (Budvar) Budweiser Budvar 5.0% * *
Carlsburg       7.8g
Carlsburg Light       9.9g

Cerveza Carta Blanca Cerveceria Cauhtemoc (Mexico) 4.0% 128  
Cerveza Tecate Beer Cervecerla Cauhtemoc (Mexico) 4.4% 146  
Chester Golden A]e Greenall Whitley (England) 5.4% 156  
Coopers Draught Coopers     7.0g
Coopers Stout       10.9g
Coopers Pale Ale       5.9g
Corona Extra Beer Cereveria Modela SA (Mexico) 4.6% 148 13.99g
Corona Light Cereveria Modela SA (Mexico)     5.0g
Dos Equis XX Imported Beer Cauhtemoc (Mexico) 4.7% 149  
Dos Equis XX Special Lager Cerveceria Montezuma (Mexico) 4.9% 156  
Dragon Stout Desnoes - Goeddes (Jamaica) 6.8% 220  
Foster's Lager Garlton & United (Australia) 5.1% 156 11.0g
Furstenberg German Beer Fustlich Ferstenbergische 4.4% 138  
Great Wall Green Bamboo (China) 4.6% 160  
Greenall's Cheshire English Pub Beer Greenall Whitley PLC (England) 5.0% 142  
Grolsch Lager Beer Grolsch Bierbrouweri (Holland) 5.0% 145 9.5g
Guiness Draught - Bottle Guinness (Ireland) * 126 9.9g
Guinness Extra Stout Guinness (Ireland) 4.27% 153 17.4g
Harp Harp (Ireland) 4.55% 142  
Heineken Lager Beer Heineken (Holland) 5.0% 150 11.5g
Heineken Special Dark Beer Heineken (Holland) 5.1% 170  
Heineken Special Light Heineken (Holland) 3.8% 99 6.8g

Kirin Beer Kirin (Japan) 6.8% 188
Kronenbourg Beer Kronenbourg (France) 5.1% 153
Kronenbourg Imported Dark Beer Kronenbourg (France) 5.0% 163
Labatt's 50 Labatt's 5.3% 153 9.9g
McEwans Scotch Ale Scottish & Newcastle (Scotland) 9.5% 295
Molson Canadian Beer Molson (Canada) 5.1% 153
Molson Golden Beer Molson (Canada) 6.04% 170
Molson Light Molson (Canada) 2.41% 82
Moosehead Canadian Lager Beer Moosehead (Canada) 5.0% 153
Nordik Wolf Light A.B. Pripps Bryggerier (Sweden) 4.7% 110
O'Keefe Canadian Beer O'Keefe (Canada) 4.9% 142
Pilsener Urquell Beer Pilsener Urquell Pilzen (Czech.) 4.2% 160 14.7g
Red Stripe Lager Beer Desnoes & Geddes (Jamaica) 5.0% 153
Samuel Smith's Organic Lager Samuel Smith's Brewery 5.0% 158 13.3g
Sheaf Stout Carlton & United (Australia) 5.2% 174 18.8g
Sol Cerveza Especial Cerveceria Montezuma (Mexico) 4.1% 131
Spaten Munich Special Dark Beer Spaten-Brau (Germany) 6.6% 185
Stella Artois 5.2% 12.78g
St. Pauli Girl Beer St. Pauli (Germany) 4.9% 148 8.7g
St. Pauli Girl Dark Beer St. Pauli (Germany) 4.8% 150
Suntory Draft Beer Suntory (Japan) 4.6% 138
Superior Imported Beer Cerveceria Moctezuma (Mexico) 4.3% 153
Thos Cooper & Sons Adelaide Lager Cooper & Sons (Australia) 4.2% 128
Thos Cooper & Sons Real Ale Cooper & Sons (Australia) 6.77% 160
Thos Cooper & Sons Stout Cooper & Sons (Australia) 7.10% 205
Tolly Origlnal Premium Ale Tollei-ache & Cobbold (England) 4.85% 146
Tsingtao Beer Tsingtao (China) 4.79% 153
Watney's Red Barrel Beer Stag (England) 3.92% 142
Wurzburger Hofbrau Wurtzburger Hofbrauag (Germany) 5.42% 160
Wurtzburger Hofbrau Light Wurtzburger Hofbrau Ag (Germany) 5.44% 153



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