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What Is Barrilitos Beer?

Article Highlights

  • Introduction to Barrilitos Beer, including history and its founding in 1925 by the Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Brewery
  • Types of Barrilitos Beer available for purchase
  • Brewing Process of Barrilitos Beer, detailing the ingredients and steps used to create this lager beer
  • Taste Profile of Barrilitos Beer – slightly sweet with a light body and refreshing flavor that sets it apart from other beers
  • Health Benefits of Barrilitos Beer – contains B vitamins, and antioxidants, and may help reduce the risk of certain cancers

Barrilitos Beer, is a long-standing favorite amongst beer fanatics and casual drinkers alike. So what exactly is it, and where did it come from? In this blog post, we’ll break down all aspects of this unique and flavorful beer.

Barrilitos Beer is a Mexican beer brewed by Grupo Modelo, originally founded in 1925 in colonial Mexico City. It has become a classic lager style known for its refreshing taste, not too heavy on the alcohol content but satisfying all the same.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the history of Barrilitos Beer and explore the brewing process, types, taste profile and health benefits.

History of Barrilitos Beer

Barrilitos Beer was first created by the Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Brewery (founded in 1890) and sold under the brand name “Indio” until 1964 when it was acquired by Grupo Modelo and renamed Barrilitos.

Despite this transition to new ownership, one thing hasn’t changed—Barrilitos has been pleasing palates all over Mexico with its crisp flavor profile since 1925!

Types of Barrilitos Beer

When it comes to the types of Barrilitos Beer available, you have quite a few options:

  • Traditional Lager: The classic option with 4.5% ABV
  • Nesse Lager: A light beer with 4% ABV
  • Dark Lager: A bit stronger at 5% ABV
  • Red Lager: The strongest at 6% ABV
  • Light Gold: Low-calorie option at 3.6% ABV

These cans also come in packs for convenience—perfect for parties or camping trips!

Brewing Process of Barrilitos Beer

This beloved Mexican lager is brewed using only four key ingredients—water, malt barley extract (made from wheat or rice), hops (cones from female hop plants), and yeast (a microorganism found naturally in air).

These ingredients are added together and boiled to create wort (the liquid pre-beer). This wort is then left to ferment for around two weeks before being cooled down, filtered, carbonated and finally canned or bottled.

Taste Profile of Barrilitos Beer

Barrilitos Beer is known for its slightly sweet taste that’s balanced with just enough bitterness to make it super refreshing. Its light body makes it easy to drink. It is perfect as an accompaniment to many meals or equally nice enjoyed on its own as an after-work treat!

Plus, despite being similarly light on both flavor intensity and alcohol content compared to other beers out there, there’s definitely something special that sets Barrilitos apart from the rest!

Health Benefits of Barrilitos Beer

Sure drinking beer may have some short-term consequences depending on how much you consume but did you know there are also some benefits? For starters, it contains B vitamins which can help support your immune system and promote healthy skin—so even if you’re sipping responsibly you could still be helping your body out!

Additionally, beers like Barriltios contain anti-oxidants which may help reduce your risk of certain cancers as well as slow down aging processes like wrinkles or age spots.


We hope that after reading this blog post you have a better understanding of what exactly is Barriltios beer as well as its delicious taste profile accompanied by some surprising health benefits! So if you’ve been considering getting into beers like these then don’t hesitate any longer—try out some pasteles de barriltios today!

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