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What Is A Beer Mile?

Welcome to the beer mile, a place for drinking in style and making a run for it!

A beer mile is a race where participants must consume four beers and run four laps around a 400-meter track – all in one single go.

It’s an event that has been around for decades, but its popularity of it has only recently begun to take off.

If you’ve ever wanted to see how many beers you could drink while still running at top speed, then now is your chance!

The beer mile is a drinking relay race where participants are required to pound four beers while running four laps around a 400-meter track.

This unique activity can be found as part of most track meets and running clubs throughout the country. Whether you’re an experienced beer drinker or new to the scene, this is one race you don’t want to miss out on!

What Is A Beer Mile?

The beer mile involves consuming four 12-ounce cans of beer (5% alcohol by volume), followed by running four laps around a 400-meter outdoor running track.

Winners are determined by their combined time of drinking and running. The activity has grown in popularity over recent years and there have even been multiple world records set during beer mile events.

Rules Of A Beer Mile

The rules of the beer mile are simple:

  • Each participant must consume four 12-ounce cans of 5% ABV beer during the course of the race
  • Each lap must be completed within an allotted time frame (usually around five minutes)
  • Participants must remain on the designated track throughout the entirety of their run
  • No outside assistance may be provided to participants during their lap runs or when they are drinking their beers

The official rules also state that any participant who fails to abide by any of these rules will be disqualified from the race without fail.

In addition, those that fail to complete all four laps or finish their last can of beer will also be disqualified from participating in the future.

History Of The Beer Mile

The concept of a “beer mile” dates back as far as 1905 when British runners decided to add some additional fuel (i.e., alcohol) into their training protocol.

However, it took almost eight decades for this idea to make its way over into North America as an official event with organized racing rules and regulations attached to it. It wasn’t until 1988 that we saw our first official “beer mile” competition held in San Francisco; this event was later dubbed “the original”.

Nowadays, competitions have become more frequent in both Canada and the United States – thanks largely in part due to increased media coverage surrounding this unique event.

Events range from small local competitions held at local pubs/bars, right up to elite international races with thousands of competitors taking part all across Europe and North America

Benefits Of Participating In A Beer Mile

There’s no doubt that there are numerous health benefits associated with participating in any kind of aerobic exercises such as jogging or cycling; however what makes participating in a beer mile so unique is that there are also several other advantages associated with it; such as:

  • Strengthen your cardiovascular system through aerobic exercise
  • Improve coordination by learning how quickly to find balance after consuming alcohol
  • Helps boost self-confidence after completing challenging tasks

Taking part in a beer mile can also help build relationships between like-minded people who share similar interests – something which can often prove difficult when living alone or limited contact with others due to work/life commitments.

Tips For Completing A Beer Mile

It’s important that participants understand what they’re getting themselves into before attempting any kind of running or drinking event such as this one – thankfully though there is plenty of advice out there on how best to prepare yourself for success:

  • Stay hydrated leading up to race day by drinking plenty of water before each lap
  • Pace yourself while drinking – if possible use smaller sips rather than large gulps
  • Consider strategies such as chugging half cup followed by a full cup then chasing with water
  • Make sure don’t rush laps – instead focus on keeping a steady pace throughout the entire course
  • Find group/running club practice sessions near you so can familiarize yourself with track layout & various techniques available

Common Challenges When Running A Beer Mile

Running a full 400-meter track after consuming copious amounts starts to feel a bit unthinkable after a few drinks too many; especially when accounting for the fact that the stomach itself cushions against impact spirits making inside a person’s body work harder to cope same effects other exercising activities require .

Below list of some common challenges faced by runners attempt complete challenge:

  • • Dehydration & fatigue due to temperature drop caused body processing alcohol
    • Difficulty breathing oxygen taken away carbon dioxide expelled body attempting process booze
    • Reduced coordination due to the effects of alcohol impairing judgment & physical movements
    • Risk falling over competing roads due to reduced ability to stay upright


While it may sound daunting at first thought, organizing, participating, and completing a successful full beer mile is much simpler than appears – providing follow the above guidelines should able to manage manageable challenges. Regardless of skill level, do not let obstacles stand your way great night drinks, and good friends.

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