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Top 10 Best Selling Beers in Alberta

As a long-time beer enthusiast, I’ve had my fair share of brews from various regions. Alberta is no exception, with its diverse selection of beers that cater to different tastes.

In this article, I’ll discuss the top 10 best-selling beers in Alberta and share some personal experiences along the way.

1. Budweiser: The King of Beers

Budweiser, a well-known American beer, dominates the market. I remember the first time I tried this ubiquitous brew – its smooth, mild flavor was perfect for a casual night out. Alberta’s love for this classic is undeniable.

2. Coors Light: Mountain Fresh Taste

Coors Light, with its crisp and refreshing taste, is a favorite among Albertans. On a scorching summer day, I find this beer quenches my thirst like no other. Its popularity in Alberta is indisputable.

3. Molson Canadian: A True North Classic

Molson Canadian is an iconic Canadian beer that has a special place in the hearts of Albertans. Its robust flavor is something I always look forward to when visiting friends in the province.

4. Labatt Blue: Crisp and Refreshing

Labatt Blue is another Canadian staple that’s popular in Alberta. Its clean, refreshing taste has earned it a spot in my list of go-to beers. I’ve enjoyed many a bottle while watching hockey games with friends.

5. Heineken: Dutch Brewing Excellence

Heineken, a Dutch beer, has gained a strong following in Alberta. Its distinctive taste and green bottle set it apart from the rest. Personally, I find its rich flavor a delightful change from the usual brews.

6. Guinness: Rich and Creamy Stout

Guinness, the famous Irish stout, has made quite an impact on the Alberta beer scene. Its velvety texture and rich flavor make it a favorite during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. I always look forward to a pint of this dark beauty.

7. Alexander Keith’s: Maritime Tradition

Alexander Keith’s, a beer hailing from Nova Scotia, has found a home in Alberta. Its smooth, well-balanced taste has made it a hit among the locals. I’ve spent many an evening sipping this delightful brew at a pub.

8. Corona Extra: Beachside Enjoyment

Corona Extra, with its sunny, beachy vibe, has captured the hearts of Albertans. Its light and refreshing flavor is perfect for outdoor gatherings. Add a slice of lime, and you have the ideal summer drink.

9. Stella Artois: Belgian Elegance

Stella Artois, the elegant Belgian beer, has made its mark in Alberta. Its refined taste and sophisticated image make it a popular choice for special occasions. I’ve enjoyed many a glass of this brew while celebrating milestones with friends.

10. Local Craft Beers: Alberta’s Rising Stars

Alberta’s local craft beer scene has been flourishing, with numerous breweries producing unique and exciting brews. I’ve had the pleasure of trying many of these gems, each offering its own distinct character.

Brewery Beer Style
Alley Kat Aprikat Fruit Beer
Big Rock Traditional Brown Ale
Blindman River Session Ale
Wild Rose Velvet Fog Wheat Ale


Alberta’s beer landscape is diverse, offering something for everyone. From iconic classics to innovative craft brews, these best-selling beers are a testament to the province’s love for quality beverages.

As a beer aficionado, I’ve enjoyed discovering the various flavors and styles that Alberta has to offer. Each of these top 10 best-selling beers has its own unique appeal, making it easy to understand why they’re so popular in the province.

In conclusion, exploring Alberta’s beer scene has been an enriching experience for me. I’m grateful for the opportunity to try these exceptional brews and share my thoughts with fellow beer enthusiasts. So next time you find yourself in Alberta, don’t hesitate to try one (or more) of these best-selling beers – you might just discover a new favorite. Cheers!

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