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Top 10 Best-Selling Beers in Canada

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Canada is home to some of the world’s great craft beers, but there is no doubt that the top-selling beers in Canada are the tried and true domestic brands.

The popularity of craft beer may be rising, but when it comes to volume these ten best-selling beers have a stronghold in Canada’s beer market.

Let’s take a closer look at the top ten best-selling beers in Canada.

Molson Canadian

Molson Canadian has been made in Canada since 1876 and remains one of the most popular beer brands today. This classic lager is medium-bodied and well-balanced with subtle notes of hops and malt, making it an excellent choice for any occasion.

It’s light enough to drink during a hot summer day, yet flavorful enough to enjoy with good food. From barbecues to tailgates, Molson Canadian is always a crowd favorite.


This iconic American brand is no stranger north of the border either. Budweiser has been brewed in Canada since 1980 and it remains one of the top selling beers in the country.

Its light-bodied flavor has become a favorite among Canadian beer drinkers. It is best enjoyed when served cold, and it pairs well with traditional pub food like burgers and wings.

Coors Light

Coors Light is another popular light beer that resonates with Canadian drinkers.

This classic lager is light-bodied and refreshing with just a hint of hops and malt flavor. Its clean, crisp taste makes it perfect for an outdoor picnic or a day at the beach.


Kokanee is Canada’s original mountain lager, brewed in British Columbia since 1985. This crisp lager has a smooth, clean finish that can be enjoyed anywhere from backyard barbecues to camping trips.

Its crisp, light body pairs well with summertime snacks like chips and dip or pretzels, making it an ideal choice for kicking off those summer gatherings.

Labatt Blue

Labatt Blue is one of Canada’s oldest beer brands having been first brewed in 1951. This classic Canadian pilsner has a slightly sweet, malty taste balanced by subtle notes of hops and herbs. It’s a light, refreshing beer that goes well with seafood or poultry dishes but can also be enjoyed on its own during those hot summer days.

Bud Light

Bud Light may be associated more with its American roots than some of the other entries on this list, but it continues to be a top seller north of the border as well.

This light lager has a mild flavor profile that appeals to those looking for something nice and easy to drink on an evening out at the pub or sports bar. Its low alcohol content makes it an ideal choice for designated drivers too!

Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale

Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale dates back to 1820 when it was first brewed in Nova Scotia by John Keith himself! It still remains one of the most popular beers in Canada today thanks to its bold hop flavors and smooth caramel finish that make it stand out from others in the IPA style category.

Rickard’s Red

Rickard’s Red is another classic Canadian beer brewed since 1984 by Molson Coors Brewing Company Ltd. This amber lager features a rich malt flavor balanced by subtle hop notes for a nice balance between sweet and bitter flavors which are best enjoyed when served cold during any occasion.

Molson Export

Molson Export has been brewed in Canada since 1876 making it one of the oldest beers in North America! This classic ale has robust malt aromas balanced by fruity esters, giving it an incredibly smooth drinking experience with every sip!

Labatt 50

Last but not least we come to Labatt 50—the “golden anniversary” brew celebrating its 50th year as part of Labatt’s portfolio! This pale ale has a medium-bodied character with crisp hop aromas followed by sweet maltiness on the palate making it perfect for enjoying any time you are looking for something special from your next pint glass!


These ten best-selling beers in Canada have stood the test of time and have earned their spots as Canada’s favorites over time—and whether you are hosting friends for dinner or just grabbing drinks after work there’s sure to be something here for everyone!

So why not raise your glass and join us in honoring these top ten best-selling beers in Canada? Cheers!

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