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Why do Dogs Like Beer?

Do dogs like beer? This is a question that has puzzled pet owners for ages.

While it may seem odd to some, many dogs show a strong interest in beer, and will even take sips right out of the bottle or glass.

We’ll take a look at why this may be, and discuss the potential dangers and benefits of offering alcohol to your furry friend.

Reasons Dogs Are Attracted To Beer

Dogs have taste preferences just like humans do, and some may find the smell or taste of certain beers appealing. Some believe that the carbonation of beer may attract pups since they are naturally drawn to bubbly beverages.

Additionally, the hops used to bitter beer can mimic the flavor of meat, which is attractive to many canines.

Safety Concerns and Legal Issues Regarding Dogs and Beer

Sharing alcohol with pets should always be done with caution. The ASPCA advises against giving any kind of alcohol to animals at all due to its toxicity levels in their systems.

Consumption can lead to symptoms such as vomiting, disorientation, depression of the central nervous system, difficulty breathing, coma, and even death in extreme cases. In addition to safety concerns being illegal in many states due to animal welfare laws regarding intoxication.

Human Influence on Dogs’ Taste of Alcohol

A possible factor contributing to why dogs are attracted to beer is their close association with humans who enjoy drinking it.

A dog owner who imbibes regularly may pick up on their canine companion’s behavioral cues and give them a sip here or there as an act of bonding or simply as a way to keep them entertained when bored at home or in public settings such as barbecues or tailgates.

Potential Benefits of Giving a Dog Small Amounts of Beer

Many experts suggest that small amounts of non-alcoholic beer can be beneficial for pets if given responsibly under a veterinarian’s supervision:

  • Small doses help calm anxious pets during fireworks or thunderstorms without sedating them too much as traditional anti-anxiety medications can do
  • Can aid digestion by acting as a prebiotic (source of healthy bacteria)
  • Contains vitamins B12 and B6 which helps fuel metabolism
  • High levels of yeast increase appetite
  • Contains electrolytes that help retain water balance in dehydrated animals

Alcohol Alternatives for Pets

For pet owners who still want their pup to partake in “drinking” activities but don’t want the risk associated with giving them real alcohol there are several non-alcoholic beer alternatives available:

  • Dog Brew – A non-alcoholic craft brew created specifically for canine consumption by adding ingredients such as glucosamine that are known for promoting joint health & mobility
  • Fizzique – A sparkling beverage designed for active pets with all-natural ingredients like chicken broth & organic apple cider vinegar that helps support digestive health & muscle recovery after activity

Cautions and Considerations When Sharing Alcoholic Drinks With Dogs

While there can be potential benefits associated with sharing small amounts responsibly under vet supervision there are some cautions pet owners need to consider before doing so:

  • Alcohol can interact negatively with medications your animal might be taking so consult your vet before proceeding
  • Gradually introduce pups who have never had alcohol before (similarly you would introduce any new food item) starting off with tiny sips and gradually increasing over time as tolerated


It appears there really is something behind why dogs like beer! Many factors come into play – biological makeup that makes certain flavors more attractive than others along with exposure to human influence all likely play roles in this curiosity among our canine companions.

Although small amounts might do no harm given responsibly under veterinary supervision one should proceed cautiously when considering offering any type of drink containing alcohol!

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