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How to Drink a Beer on a Zero Turn

Article Highlights

  • Selecting the Beer: Look for something light and easy to drink – lagers or ales with relatively low alcohol content
  • Preparing the Area: Clear away any sticks, stones, or other debris
  • Setting Up Your Zero Turn Mower: Make sure blades are off and all safety features are engaged
  • Sitting Comfortably on Your Zero Turn Mower: Bring a seat cushion and use pillows for maximum comfort
  • Opening and Drinking The Beer: Drink slowly and carefully to avoid spilling any suds

Ahhh, the taste of a frosty beer on a hot summer day. Nothing says “summer” like the smell of freshly cut grass and a cold beer in your hand on a zero turn mower.

You may be wondering how one could possibly enjoy a cold one whilst operating such a powerful machine.

The good news is, it is entirely possible! With a few simple steps, you can be enjoying your favorite beer from the comfort and safety of your zero turn mower in no time flat.

Selecting the Beer

The first step in having an enjoyable beer-drinking experience on your zero turn is to choose the right one. Not all beers are suitable for drinking while operating heavy machinery – and this includes zero turn mowers!

When selecting your beer, look for something light and easy to drink – lagers or ales with relatively low alcohol content are ideal.

Preparing the Area

Before you begin, make sure that you take some time to prepare the area around you. Clear away any sticks, stones or other debris that might get caught in your machine.

Make sure that all limbs are trimmed away from the area where you plan to drink so they don’t inadvertently end up interfering with your ride.

Setting Up Your Zero Turn Mower

Once all debris has been cleared away, it’s time to get ready for take-off. Make sure that the blades are off, all safety features are engaged, and the throttle is set at low power before getting started. Once everything is set up properly, you’re ready to go!

Sitting Comfortably on Your Zero Turn Mower

Now comes the fun part – enjoying your delicious beer from the comfort of your zero turn mower! Before beginning to drink up, make sure that you’re sitting comfortably in place – bring a seat cushion if necessary!

Propping yourself up with soft pillows can ensure that you have maximum comfort while riding so you can just sit back and enjoy yourself!

Opening and Drinking The Beer

Now it’s time to open up that tasty beverage and start drinking. Being careful not to lose any of those precious suds by spilling them due to bumpy terrain as operating machinery isn’t a great idea when intoxicated! Keep it slow – there’s no reason to rush through such an enjoyable experience anyways: just take it nice and easy!

Staying Comfortable And Safe On Your Zero Turn Mower

When riding with an alcoholic beverage in hand (or anywhere else!) safety should always be considered first and foremost. Since alcohol impairs judgment, be extra careful when maneuvering around obstacles or sharp turns: double-check everything before moving forward!

Making sure that all controls are operated appropriately will help keep both driver/operator as well as a machine from harm’s way during such an enjoyable activity as this one.


The key to having an enjoyable experience while drinking on a zero turn mower is finding a balance between comfort & safety while riding & indulging responsibly (this means keeping speeds low).

It’s important not only for yourself but also for others around you who may not be aware of what is going on around them due to their vision being impaired by alcohol consumption or anything else for that matter!

Always remember: enjoy responsibly & safely so everyone can have fun

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