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How To Get Beer Smell Out Of Couch

Ah, beer. The long-standing companion of barbecues, sports games, and evening get-togethers. While a few frothy brews can bring the party to life, no one likes the tell-tale smell of spilled beer on the couch.

But, don’t worry – removing that beer smell from your furniture isn’t as hard as it seems. Read on to learn exactly how to get that beer smell out of your couch now and prevent it from happening again.

Causes of Beer Smell on Couch

The main cause of a beer smell on your couch comes from an accumulation of dirt, bacteria and yeast deposits in the fabric – which is normal when you consider how much get-togethers happen around couches.

Unfortunately, this creates an environment for bacteria and odors to take root and creates a persistent odor over time.

Equipment and Safety

Before you start your removal process there are some safety measures you should keep in mind:

  • Put on rubber gloves so you don’t accidentally spread any germs or bacteria
  • Make sure all surfaces are properly sealed off so any cleaning solution does not come into contact with any electricity outlets
  • Open windows in order to ensure proper ventilation during the cleaning process
  • Depending on the type of cloth upholstery you have make sure to check which type of detergent/cleaning solution is best suited for it (it could also be a good idea to consult with a professional cleaner)

You will also need the following supplies:

  • Towel or sponge
  • A dry cloth or vacuum cleaner
  • Appropriate detergent/cleaning solution suitable for your type of fabric

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Remove Beer Smell from Couch

It takes just a few steps to make sure that nasty beer smell becomes faint memory rather than an omnipresent nuisance:

  1. Start by blotting excess liquid with a dry cloth or paper towel as soon as possible – make sure you don’t rub too harshly!
  2. Dampen a towel or sponge with warm water before adding any detergent/cleaning product – non-chemical-based products such as vinegar can also work great when mixed with some water!
  3. Use gentle circular motions while scrubbing the affected area – note that there may still be some residual dirt left even after scrubbing
  4. Rinse off the excess residue with fresh water before using a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner to dry the area completely
  5. Utilize an odor neutralizer if available – this will help further eliminate any lingering odors
  6. Leave couch cover or pillows outside – if necessary use fabric protectant spray once they’re completely dry
  7. Vacuum upholstery at least once every month in order to refrain smells from building up again
  8. If all else fails, contact a professional furniture cleaner who can provide specialized services such as steam cleaning along with deodorizers which are more robust at dealing against persistent odors

Prevention Techniques

The best way to prevent beer smells from occurring is through regular maintenance and care that includes:

  • Vacuuming regularly – at least once per month – in order to pick up crumbs, dirt etc which could provide an environment for bacteria and odors to form
  • Ensuring plenty of fresh air circulates through your home by opening windows when possible
  • Treating spills immediately using warm soapy water along with gentle rubbing motions
  • Avoiding placing the furniture too close together in order for air to circulate properly around them
  • Using fabric protector sprays periodically – though always check manufacturer guidelines beforehand

Professional Cleaning Services

Finally, if none of these techniques works then it might be time to consider professional cleaning services that specialize in deep cleanings which can reach places regular machines cannot reach!

Professional cleaners have access not only to effective cleaning materials but also specialized machinery like steaming machines which are able to penetrate far deeper into furniture fabrics than regular machines thus providing excellent results!


No one likes dealing with unwanted smells however by following these steps you’ll be able to remove unpleasant odors quickly while providing the proper maintenance necessary to prevent future occurrences! Goodluck!

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