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What to Do With Old Beer?

Ah, beer. The beverage of choice for summer barbecues and a whole lot of laughs.

We’ve all been there – you open the fridge to find a bottle or can of beer that has been sitting in the corner in the back of the fridge since last summer.

Is it still good? Or has it expired? It’s time to take a closer look and figure out what to do with old beer.

Identifying Expired Or Spoiled Beer

Knowing how to identify expired or spoiled beer could help you avoid some serious digestive issues. Here are some indicators that your beer may not be fit for consumption:

  • A sour, vinegar-like smell
  • A change in colour from its original colour
  • A decrease in carbonation
  • Cloudy liquid that is not part of the brewing process (such as yeast)

If your beer is exhibiting any of these signs, it’s best to dispose of it responsibly. On the other hand, if there are no signs indicating that it’s gone bad and you simply don’t plan on drinking it anytime soon, you can consider reusing or repurposing your old beer.

Reuse Old Beer

Depending on the type of beer, there are a few ways you can reuse old beer instead of throwing it away. For example:

  • “Beer cocktails: Get creative with your mixology skills and try out a delicious craft cocktail using your old beer as an ingredient.
  • “Beer float: If you have access to ice-cream, you can make a classic ice-cream float using your old brew.
  • “Beer batter”: Get your fryer ready and whip up some tasty battered fish by using your old brew as a substitution for water.
  • “Homebrewing”: Turn what was once an ordinary glass of suds into something unique by adding hops, yeast and malt extract to make amazing homebrews!

Use It To Cook

Beer is not just for drinking; it can be used as an ingredient in dishes like soups and stews! Use your old lagers or ales for maximum flavour when cooking favourite comfort foods like beef stew or macaroni cheese.

You can also use flat beers as steak marinades or add them to cake batter (especially chocolate cakes).

Make Beer Soap

No one likes wasting anything – so instead of disposing of expired beers, why not try making soap out of them?

Beer contains various vitamins beneficial to the skin such as Vitamin B and yeast which help keep skin young and prevent wrinkles.

So soap made with these ingredients tends to have excellent skin benefits compared to other types available commercially.

To make soap at home, simply mix melted beeswax with brewed hops oil and glycerin until desired consistency is reached – then leave the mixture to refrigerate overnight before using!

Use Old Beer As Fertilizer

Old beers can be used as fertilizers too! The high levels of nitrogen in liquid from fermented grains provide the ideal nutrition for plants – making this an eco-friendly solution when disposing of expired beers responsibly.

Simply pour the liquid over the soil carefully – providing enough moisture but avoiding over-saturation so roots won’t rot; then enjoy watching plants thrive!

Disposing Of Expired Beer

When disposing expired beers responsibly always remember: never toss them down drains or sewers; pour them on compost piles; use them as fertilizers; or donate them (if unopened) at local community events like festivals or charity functions!


When considering what to do with that old beer, you have plenty of options! Turn it into a fancy marinade for dinner, get creative in the kitchen by concocting recipes, spruce up your decor with glass containers as mementoes from summer fun – or just keep it simple. Cheers!

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