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What Is Beer Pong?

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  • Beer Pong is a game involving two teams of two players who take turns throwing ping-pong balls into cups of beer on the other team’s side of the table
  • Its origins date back to 1950 and has since gained global popularity as an entertaining social game
  • Rules and regulations vary between countries/cultures, with basic rules including a rectangular table, 10 plastic cups per team, and an appropriate amount of alcohol
  • Equipment needed to play: 10 plastic cups per team, 2 Ping Pong Balls per Team, Table (preferably 8′ x 2′), Variety Of Alcoholic Beverages
  • Strategies and Tips: Aiming is key; have patience; don’t forget about bounce shots; learn how different beers affect shots

Beer pong has long been one of the most beloved and iconic drinking games around.

As one of the oldest drinking games in the world, its popularity has spread across college campuses and adult social gatherings from America to Japan.

But what is beer pong exactly? Today we’ll explore all there is to know about this exciting game, from its history to the strategies for success.

What Is Beer Pong?

Beer pong (sometimes referred to as Beirut) is a game that involves two teams of two players who take turns throwing ping-pong balls into cups of beer on the other team’s side of the table.

If a ball lands in a cup, that cup is removed from play and should be consumed by the opposing team player. The first team to remove all cups from play on their opponent’s side wins!

History Of Beer Pong

Though its exact origins are unclear, beer pong dates back to at least 1950 when it was first reported in a Dartmouth College party. Since then, it has grown in popularity among students around the world and even outside of university campuses as an entertaining social game.

Rules And Regulations

Since each country or culture has its own variation of rules and regulations for playing beer pong, here are some basic rules that can easily be adapted for whatever kind of game you intend to play:

  • A rectangular table will be used that is about 8 feet long and 2 feet wide.
  • 10 plastic cups will be distributed around each end of the table in a triangular pattern with six on either end with just enough space between them for a ping-pong ball to fit through.
  • The cups will be filled with an appropriate amount of alcohol — usually enough for one person to drink — depending on preference or regulation (if underage).
  • Each team will have two players who take turns throwing ping-pong balls at their opponents’ cups.
  • If any player’s ball lands into an opponent’s cup, that cup must be consumed by the opposing team member before play can continue.
  • If both balls land into opposing cups then both sides must consume them after which they will both rethrow their balls at once (this is known as “re-racking”).
  • The first team to eliminate all their opponent’s cups wins!
  • If a tie occurs then an extra round will be played with just three cups per side until there is a clear winner.

Equipment Needed To Play

In order to play an official game of beer pong you’ll need:

  • 10 plastic cups per team – preferably red solo-type disposable plastic cups
  • 2 Ping Pong Balls per Team – non-pressurized should work best
  • Table – preferably 8 feet long by 2 feet wide but any size will do
  • Variety Of Alcoholic Beverages – beers or hard liquors should work best but feel free to use whatever you’d like

Strategies And Tips

Beer pong can seem intimidating at first but here are some tips and strategies you can use in order to become a master player:

  • Aiming is key! Take your time when aiming for each shot so your chances of making it increase dramatically.
  • Have patience! Don’t rush into shots if you know you won’t make it; instead, wait for your opponent to potentially miss theirs so you can shoot again easier later on!
  • Don’t forget about bounce shots! This type of shot can increase your chances if executed correctly so practice up before playing if you want mastery over this technique!
  • Learn how different kinds of beers affect your shots; some beers may cause more “fizziness” than others which may impact where your shot bounces off from so keep this in mind before deciding your angles when shooting!

Popularity Of The Game

Today, beer pong remains one of the most popular drinking games out there being played everywhere from college basements and frat houses across America all the way to bars overseas like Japan or even countries as far away as India or Brazil!

As its popularity continues unabated people have been modifying it with new rules or equipment like glow sticks and LED lights which have only served further fuel its worldwide appeal!


Overall Beer Pong remains one of those classic drinking games everyone should experience at least once—whether their college students looking for fun or adults looking for something new—the nostalgia surrounding it and its easy rules make it ideal for any kind of gathering where drinks are involved.

So keep these tips in mind whenever heading out for some Beer Pong fun—and don’t forget about practicing up those bounce shots too!

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