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Best Beer for People Who Don’t Like Beer

Beer is one of the most popular beverages around the world. It’s available in virtually every bar, restaurant, and store.

However, not everyone loves beer. Some people simply can’t stand its bitterness or flavor.

But that doesn’t mean that these people have to miss out on all the fun when it comes to enjoying a beer.

This blog post will explore the best beer for people who don’t like beer, from different types and flavors of beer to how to serve and pair them for non-beer drinkers.

Understanding Why Some People Don’t Like Beer

It’s important to understand why some people don’t like beer before looking at what beers are available for them. The taste of beer can be very bitter and intense, especially if you’ve never had it before.

It’s also a very acquired taste that can take getting used to in order to enjoy it fully. Additionally, some people dislike of the smell or carbonation of beer which can be off-putting when trying out new beers.

Beer Types and Flavors

Before exploring what styles of beers would work best for non-beer drinkers, let’s look at what types are available:

  • Lager: A lightly hopped pale ale with a light color and flavor profile; usually low in hops and alcohol content; served cold
  • Ale: A hoppy style of beer with a wide range of colors, aromas, flavors, and bitterness; usually higher in alcohol content than lagers
  • Wheat Beer: Generally made with a larger proportion of wheat than other styles; this creates a lighter body with slightly tart flavors
  • Pale Ale: Generally a medium-bodied amber-colored beer that has moderate hop bitterness balanced by malt sweetness
  • Stout/Porter: Darker in color with deep roasted malt flavors and high alcohol content; often described as having coffee or chocolate notes

There are numerous flavor profiles within each type of beer that range from sweet to bitter, fruity to malty, and citrusy to herbal. It truly is an art form for brewers when it comes to combining such flavorful ingredients into delicious creations!

The Best Beers For People Who Don’t Like Beer

There are plenty of options for those who want to enjoy craft beers even if they don’t like traditional styles such as IPAs or Pilsners.

The key is finding beers that aren’t overly bitter or hoppy – which is where wheat beers come in!

Here are some great options for those looking for something less intense but still full of flavor:

  • Craft lager – Crisp refreshment without too much hop bitterness
  • Kölsch – Slightly bubbly pale ale with subtle fruit notes
  • Hefeweizen – Unfiltered German wheat ale with banana/citrus notes
  • Cream Ale – Light-bodied lagered ale with crisp malt character

How To Choose A Beer For Non-Beer Drinkers

For those looking to choose a craft beer but aren’t sure where to start there are several factors that should be considered including style (lager vs ale), taste (sweet vs bitter) aroma (hoppy vs malty) appearance (dark vs light) and mouthfeel (carbonated vs smooth).

Taking the time to consider each factor will ensure you find something that fits your palate perfectly!

How To Serve And Pair Beer For Non-Beer Drinkers

When selecting food pairings for non-beer drinkers there are certain guidelines you should follow such as avoiding overly spicy or heavily flavored dishes as these can overwhelm the delicate balance of flavors found in craft beers.

Instead opt for lighter dishes such as salads, grilled vegetables, or seafood which won’t overpower the more subtle nuances in craft beers! And when serving craft beers try using glassware specifically designed for different varieties so you can really appreciate all the unique aromas and flavors present in each one!


Craft beer isn’t just reserved for hopheads – there’s something out there suited perfectly even for those who don’t like typical “beer” flavors!

From light lagers packed full of refreshment but low on hops, fruity wheat ales bursting with citrusy aromas, or even malty stouts that offer up notes of coffee and chocolate – there really is something out there everyone will enjoy!

Now it’s just up to you to find your perfect match!

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