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10 Best Selling Beers in the United Kingdom

Are you looking for a great beer to enjoy while you’re in the United Kingdom?

Look no further as we bring to you the best-selling beers in this great nation.

These 10 beers are popular throughout the country and come in various styles, flavours and alcohol content. So let’s take a look at the top 10 brewers in the UK.

1. Carling

At the top of our list is Carling, which has stood as a classic for years and is one of the most popular choice in pubs across the UK. This pale lager was launched in 1936 by Canadian Brewers and has been continuously brewed ever since.

It offers an easy-drinking character with a moderate bitterness balanced with a malty sweetness.

2. Fosters

Next on our list is Fosters, another sunny beer from Australia. This light, golden ale offers bready malts and fruit notes on the palate with mild hops for balance and bitterness. It’s very popular among lager drinkers that are looking for something different, especially in summer months when its refreshing character comes into play perfectly.

3. Stella Artois

Number three is Stella Artois, another brand loved by many British beer drinkers since its beginnings over 600 years ago in Belgium. This light-bodied, pale lager brings allusion to aromas of corn and hay, overlaid by soft grassy hops on each glass from its slightly higher ABV of 5%.

The smooth taste profile allows for perfect sessionability that appeals to any kind of drinker out there who loves pilsner-style lagers with floral notes and a mild hoppy finish.

4. Heineken

It wouldn’t be right to talk about beer without mentioning Heineken which comes next on our list as one of Europe’s most recognisable international brewers with origins going back to 1873 Netherlands.

This premium lager is alive on your palate with layers of citrusy hop flavour mixed together with succulent malts to create this very well-balanced liquid providing pleasant crispness that lingers until your throat starts craving for one more sip!

5. Kronenbourg 1664

Another classic lager that hails from Alsace France bears the name of Kronenbourg 1664! It was first introduced back in 1952 as an amber beer but now it also comes available as an extra white variety too!

Its aroma has herbal notes intertwined with complex malt and caramel tones along with traces of grapefruit zest – all delivered from 6% ABV sharing its greater strength but still maintaining a perfect balance between bitter hoppy sensations and flavoursome malts simultaneously tingling your taste buds!

6 . Strongbow

On number six we have a cider, not beer. Strongbow cider is produced by H&W PLC, which is located in Herefordshire England from 1957 till today!

This dry variety has soon become a public favourite around the UK due to its unfiltered apple juice finish making it tart yet sweet at the same time while delivering a full-body naturally fermented flavour that many people enjoy every day across the UK!

7 . Budweiser Budvar

Another Czech export on our list is Budweiser Budvar Czech Lager abv 5 % – made purely according to European quality standards since 1895 becoming beloved by not only customers but winning medals competition after competition!

It is a light golden liquid brewed with purely natural ingredients brings wonderful sweet malts citrusy hop finish mixing them together beautiful symphony easy drinking pleasure!

8 . Guinness

Another popular brand in the UK is Guinness Ireland! This brew brought dark stout style brewing worldwide popularity thanks to its creamy full-bodied texture hints of coffee chocolate roast malts balancing nicely hint hops give an extra layer of bitterness to every mouthful making it an unmissable option in Irish pubs around the world!

9 . Carlsberg Export

Moving North Denmark – Carlsberg Export pilsener abv 5 % brewed since 1883 undoubtedly ageing process it goes through makes outstanding results flavoursome semi-sweet malt balance underlying layers bitterness hops arrive aftertaste leaving fresh taste remaining long even after glass consumed!

10 . Becks

Finally Beck’s German lager abv 4 8% coming all way Bremen Germany – Light refreshing hop forward variety highlighted crisp maltiness wheat barley creating unique blend unparalleled quality enjoyed more than 100 countries!

Perfect barbecue evenings parties special occasions when wanting something lighter higher than the usual alcohol content same time !


There you have it folks – the 10 most popular beer brands in the UK! All these beers offer great drinkability while bringing delightful complexity thanks to their traditional recipes combined with modern brewing methods used to create smooth drinks that come glass here glass there pleasure your taste buds anytime anywhere!

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