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Where to Buy Kegs of Beer

Ah, the joys of sudsy liquid happiness that is beer! Nothing quite compares to a refreshing cold one after a long day.

And if you’re looking for an excellent way to enjoy your favorite beer, then buying a keg is the way to go.

So if you’ve decided to take on this hoppy adventure, read on and learn where to find kegs of beer!

Kegs are available in various sizes, such as metric, U.S., Euro, and Imperial gallons.

Depending on your preferred size, it can be purchased in different places. Below are some tips on where and how you can buy a keg of your desired brew:

Where to Buy a Keg of Beer?

Thanks to the world wide web and its many online marketplaces, buying a keg of beer is just a few clicks away.

Online retailers sell kegs of all sizes for any type of budget. You will also find specialty beer stores and breweries with an impressive selection of kegs from both local and international brews.

Local Bottle Shops and Supermarkets

While rarer than other options, some local bottle shops still offer full-sized barrels for sale along with smaller kegs as well. If you know any supermarkets that stock alcohol products, then this would be an ideal place to start too!

Keg Re-Sellers

Keg re-sellers have the capacity to source out almost any kind or size of keg directly from brewers so they make great partners when looking for special orders such as vintage or rare beers that are hard to come by in ordinary liquor stores.

In addition, they may even rent out specialized taps or cooling devices which make them perfect if you’re hoping to host a draft beer party at home!

Party Supply Stores and Rentals

If you’re planning on throwing a huge event with dozens of guests in attendance then party supply stores will have what you need to craft the perfect night for your guests!

They often provide rental services for taps and large refrigeration equipment required for events serving draft beers!

Tap Room Services

Tapping into craft beer culture isn’t complete without visiting taproom services which allow customers to try out different varieties before making their purchase decision.

A great aspect about taprooms is that most provide not only expert advice but also refillable growlers which are economical alternatives if hosting an event with several guests in attendance isn’t in order at the time being!

Benefits Of Buying Kegs Of Beer

When buying a full-size barrel it’s important to consider that not only do they come at an affordable rate but also provide lots more than just the convenience factor:

  • Beer stays fresher longer
  • Cheaper per liter than buying cans/bottles individually
  • Eco-friendly alternative since can/bottle waste is reduced
  • A fun way to invite friends/family over and save money while enjoying your favorite beverage simultaneously


As you can see there is no shortage of places where one can buy from when purchasing their next batch or brew so good luck in embarking on your journey towards discovering new hoppy heights; cheers!

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