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Where to Buy a Beer Funnel

Are you looking for the perfect way to get your beer from the bottle or can to your mouth with minimal mess? Well, look no further!

A beer funnel is a perfect solution for any beer lover. Not only does it make drinking a beer more efficient and less wasteful, but it’s also an incredibly fun way to share a pint with friends.

But first, let’s take a look at what exactly a beer funnel is and what types of funnels are available.

What is a Beer Funnel?

A beer funnel is a plastic, glass, or metal device designed to direct beer through a tube and into the mouth of the drinker with minimal spillage.

The funnel typically attaches to the end of a long tube where it guides the flow of liquid into your mouth. The user drinks by placing their mouth against the end of the tube and tipping the funnel until beer starts flowing into their mouth.

Types of Beer Funnels

There are many different types of funnels available on the market today each designed to serve different needs:

  • Plastic Funnels – These funnels are usually made from food-grade polypropylene and offer an affordable solution for casual use. They’re lightweight and easy to clean but their durability is not as great as other options.
  • Glass Funnels – These funnels are made from tempered glass which confers superior durability when compared to plastic models. Additionally, glass funnels offer better clarity when compared with plastic models allowing users to better enjoy their favorite forms of craft beers more so than plastic options can provide them with.
  • Metal Funnels – Metal funnels are by far the most durable option as they are constructed using stainless steel or aluminum, making them virtually indestructible. Additionally, metal funnels offer superior heat retention resulting in beers that stay cold longer than other materials can provide them with.

How To Use A Beer Funnel

Using a beer funnel is quite simple: once you have chosen which type of funnel you want based on your specific needs, you simply need to attach it at one end of a long tube (usually purchased separately).

Once attached, place your mouth against the end of the tube and slowly tip your funnel until beer starts flowing into your mouth! It’s as simple as that! And don’t worry about any spills either… given that you have attached your funnel correctly, there shouldn’t be any spills whatsoever!

If you want extra security against spilling you can even purchase specially designed lids that fit perfectly over traditional bottles and cans which help prevent accidental spills while using a Beer Funnel device!

Where To Buy A Beer Funnel

Now that we know what a Beer Funnel is and how it can be used we need to figure out where we can buy one! Thankfully, there are numerous retailers both online and off who offer these amazing new devices at varying price points depending on the quality and material used:

– Online Retailers

Some popular online retailers such as Amazon carry these products in various sizes making it convenient for shoppers everywhere.

Prices usually range from $10-$30 depending on the size and quality chosen with free shipping available for those who qualify for Prime membership or certain orders over $35 in value.

– Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Many physical stores across America now carry these handy devices alongside their traditional lineups such as Target or Walmart carrying them in select locations while specialty stores such as Homebrew Shops typically carry higher quality variants than traditional retail locations will be able to provide them with at competitive prices too (this being said prices generally fall into mid-range due to higher production costs associated with this segment).

Comparison Of Prices And Quality

To make sure that buyers get what they pay for let’s take some time now to compare some popular options across price points so buyers know what they’re getting before making their purchase:

  • Budget Option ($10-$15) – For those looking for an inexpensive way out then plastic mugs/funnels provide ample value here though it’s worth noting that due lightweight & short lifespan associated with this product segment buyers should be aware that such options might not last overly long although will still do justice if only used casually;
  • Mid Range Option ($20-$25) – Glass mugs/funnels represent excellent value here providing buyers with superior clarity (which becomes evident, especially when dealing with craft beers) alongside adequate durability though it’s worth noting that care should still be taken given the potential shattering risk associated (, particularly when dealing with high alcohol content varieties;
  • Premium Option ($30+) – Lastly metal mugs/funnels represent excellent value here providing superior durability alongside heat retention when compared with other segments though it’s worth noting that increased production costs make these products more expensive than others but its also worth taking note of how these actually represent some rather solid values in terms of overall quality & lifespan if kept maintained properly;


At this point, we’ve covered all aspects related to purchasing & owning one of these amazing tools so hopefully, we’ve managed to make this complex decision easier for buyers out there who may have been interested in getting one themselves but just weren’t sure where or how to begin tackling this particular task!

Until next time… happy drinking everyone!

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