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What Is Cider Beer?

Ah, cider beer, the sweet but tart liquid that is becoming more and more popular with craft beer enthusiasts everywhere.

But what is cider beer, exactly? And where did it come from?

Cider beer is a unique type of beer made from apples or sometimes pears. This drink has been popular in many parts of the world for centuries, and it’s still enjoyed today.

It has a sweet-tart flavor that appeals to many people, and it makes a great addition to any party or gathering. Let’s take a deeper dive into what cider beer is, how it’s made, and its pros and cons.

Here’s your ultimate guide to everything cider beer!

What Is Cider Beer?

Cider beer is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented apples or pears. It has a tart flavor that can be dry or sweet depending on the type of apple used in production.

The alcohol content can range from 3-7%. It can also be flavored with spices such as cinnamon, cloves, or nutmeg for added depth.

Types of Cider Beer

There are several types of cider beers available on the market:

  • Traditional: This type of cider retains much of its original tartness, and fermentation occurs naturally over time with wild yeast present in the apples used for making the beverage.
  • English Style: This type of cider is fermented over a period of months to achieve crisp notes and a dry finish.
  • French Style: This type of cider has sharper notes and more carbonation than English-style ciders do. The fermentation takes less time than English ciders do as well.

The History Of Cider Beer

Cider beers have been around for centuries—it’s believed that they were first produced in Europe during medieval times by monks who wanted an alcoholic beverage without having to use grain or hops like they would have to with regular beers.

It wasn’t until settlers brought apples over to America during colonial times that American styles of cider beer began appearing on the scene as well.

Brewing Process For Cider Beer

Making cider beer begins with selecting ripe apples and crushing them into juice which then ferments naturally over time due to wild yeast present in the apples themselves (no additional yeast needs to be added).

Once fermentation has taken place, additional ingredients such as spices may be added for flavor before bottling up and ready for consumption!

Pros And Cons Of Drinking Cider Beer


  • Refreshing yet complex taste profile – Sweet but tart flavors combine for an interesting drinking experience
  • Lower alcohol content than other types of beers – Making it easier on your body if you consume too much!


  • Limited availability – Not all stores will carry ciders due to their popularity so you may need to shop around for options

Popular Brands Of Cider Beers

Here are some popular brands you should keep an eye out for when looking for good quality ciders:

  • Strongbow Apple Hard Ciders (England) – Dry yet flavorful ciders that pair great with food dishes such as pork chops or steak fajitas!
  • Two Roads Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Ale (USA) – A classic American-style hard apple ale that tastes like biting into an apple fresh off the tree!
  • Ace Joker Hard Apple (USA) – An off-dry west coast style hard apple ale with a hint of sweetness at the end!
  • Magners Irish Original Apple Cider (Ireland) – Crisp golden-colored ciders from Ireland with subtle notes of pear!


Cider beer is an interesting take on traditional beers that provides a refreshing yet complex flavor profile. With its low alcohol content compared to other types of beers makes it easier on your body too if you overindulge!

So next time you get together with friends why not experiment by trying some different types of ciders like those mentioned above? Cheers!

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