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What is a Radler Beer?

Ah, summertime drinking, is the most enjoyable of all seasons! What better way to enjoy a pleasant evening in the sun than with a cold glass of Radler beer.

But what exactly is a Radler Beer, and where did it come from? Well, let’s answer those questions and more in this blog post!

Radler beer is a type of shandy. It is typically light-bodied and low in alcohol, with a crisp, citrusy flavor.

It is refreshing, thirst-quenching and easy-drinking – perfect for hot summer days!

What Is A Radler Beer?

A Radler beer (or “shandy”) is a refreshing beverage made by combining beer and citrus soda or lemonade. Traditionally, it was made using German pilsner or lager beer as the base and then mixed with a lemon soda or lemonade to add sweetness.

The result is an easy-drinking beverage that is light in body and alcohol content – perfect for summer drinking!

History Of Radler Beer

The origin of the radler beer dates back to the early 20th century in Germany. Legend has it that cyclist Franz Kugler created the beverage after discovering during a bike ride that his tavern’s supply of beer was running dangerously low.

To stretch his supply he added juice from lemons he had been given by an old friend who owned an orchard nearby, creating what we now know as radler beer. The name “radler” – which means “cyclist” in German – was coined by Kugler himself to honor those who stopped at his tavern for refreshment after their long bike ride.

Types Of Radler Beers

There are many different types of radler beers available today:

  • Traditional German-style pilsner/lager mixed with fruit juice (lemonade/soda)
  • Pale ale mixed with ginger beer or other spicy sodas
  • Cider mixed with orange juice or other fruit juices
  • Wheat beers mixed with different fruit juices

Ingredients Used To Make A Radler Beer

The main ingredients used to make a Radler are:

  • Lager or pilsner-style beers (German style preferred)
  • Citrus soda or lemonade
  • Fruit juice (orange/grapefruit)

Pairing Radler Beer With Food

Radlers are versatile beverages that can be paired with many types of foods – particularly dishes with strong flavors such as grilled meats, spicy dishes and rich desserts. They can also be enjoyed on their own as an aperitif before dinner.

Serving And Drinking A Radler Beer

When serving radlers at home, chill them for at least two hours prior to serving for peak refreshment! Serve them cold over ice in tall glasses and garnish them with slices of fresh citrus fruits like lemons or limes for added flavor and aesthetic appeal.

Enjoy sipping these delightful drinks on warm days while relaxing on your porch or patio!


Radlers are versatile beverages that offer refreshing bursts of citrus flavor along with a light body and low alcohol content – perfect for when you want something cool and easy-drinking to!

They can be customized to fit most palates by mixing different kinds of beers and juices together to create your own signature concoction.

So go ahead, head outside this summer season, and enjoy some delicious radler beers!

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