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How To Drink A Beer?

Article Highlights

  • Drinking beer is an art form that can bring a lot of joy when done right
  • Choose the right beer according to your taste buds and understanding of different types of beers
  • Learn about the brewing process and ingredients used in various beers
  • Understand and stick to the recommended serving temperature and glassware for different styles of beers
  • Consider food pairings when drinking beer – e.g. light lagers with Mexican cuisine, wheat ales with seafood, etc.

Drinking beer is an art, one that can bring a lot of joy when done right.

Whether you’re trying a craft beer from your local brewery or enjoying a mass-produced lager at a party, you should definitely learn the ins and outs of drinking beer to get the best out of the experience.

It doesn’t take long to learn how to drink beer like a pro. From choosing the right beer to understanding serving temperatures, glassware, and food pairings, there are quite a few steps involved in the process.

By taking the time to learn how to drink beer properly, you can make sure that your beer-drinking experience is always top-notch.

Choose the Right Beer

The first step of learning how to drink beer is choosing which one you want to try. It’s important not just to pick something randomly – make sure that you select a good quality one that you think will taste good.

There are different types of beers available such as lagers, ales, stouts, and more – so take some time to find out which type will suit your taste buds better before making your choice.

Learn About Beer Brewing Process And Ingredients

It helps if you know about the brewing process and ingredients used in different types of beers. This will give you an insight into what flavors or aromas may be present in each beverage so that you can decide better on what type of beer might suit your palate best.

Knowing about the brewing process will also enlighten you about what makes some beers unique while others are not so special.

Understand Beer Serving Temperature And Glassware

All beers have different serving temperatures and glassware that should be used when drinking them for optimum flavor. If a particular beer is served too cold or warm, it can make a big difference in its flavor and aroma profiles – so make sure to check for this information before pouring yourself a cold one!

You should also use glasses specifically designed for different styles of beers for enhanced enjoyment – such as tulip glasses for Belgian ales or pint glasses for stouts and porters.

Pour The Beer Properly

Once you’ve selected your brew and have the right glassware at hand, it’s time to pour your beer like a pro! Hold the glass at an angle while pouring slowly down its side until it reaches two-thirds full – don’t pour directly on top as this may create too much foam!

Make sure not to pour too fast either – if too much foam forms at any point during this process, simply wait until it subsides before continuing with your pour.

Drink The Beer Slower To Enjoy Its Taste And Aroma

If not drank slowly enough, all those flavors in your craft brew may just go unnoticed! Make sure that you hold off any heavy conversations and distractions while taking slow sips so that all those aromas and flavors hit their intended taste points as designed by the brewers themselves!

Some beers are even crafted keeping food pairing in mind – so if possible try accompanying them with suitable dishes for optimum appreciation of their beauty!

Food Pairings With Different Types Of Beers

Different types of beers go well with various types of dishes – here are some examples:

  • Mexican cuisine pairs well with light lagers;
  • Seafood dishes go well with wheat ales;
  • German sausage goes nicely with German pilsners;
  • Barbecue cuisines work best with brown ales;
  • Lamb dishes pair nicely with Indian pale ales;


Drinking beer is an art form worth mastering because it provides many pleasurable experiences when done right!

Take some time out from pouring cans straight into your mouth (though there’s nothing wrong with that) and really focus on experiencing all aspects by using proper temperature control methods along with suitable glassware and food pairings amongst other tips mentioned here today – both while drinking alone or in the company of friends!

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