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How To Play Beer Darts?

Article Highlights

  • A dartboard and darts are needed to play beer darts
  • There should be a large table for playing and standing around
  • Each player should have one full beer in front of them when it’s time to play
  • The player should focus on improving their accuracy in one area of the board
  • Variations when it comes to playing beer darts and strategies for getting better scores quickly

Playing darts and drinking beer go together like ammo and guns, or cats and naps. And when you put them together, you have the ultimate game that will have you and all your friends laughing out loud – Beer Darts!

This blog post will take you through all the steps you need to know to start playing and becoming a skilled beer dart master.

Beer Darts is a classic bar game involving a board game, darts, and of course, beer.

It may not sound like much, but it’s an excellent way to pass the time while having some drinks with friends. The rules are relatively simple, so even those who are new to darts can join in on the fun!

What You Need To Play Beer Darts

To play beer darts, all you need is:

  • A dartboard (can be homemade or bought from a store)
  • Darts (steel-tip is recommended)
  • Beer (can be any kind)
  • A large table for playing and for people to stand around

Preparing The Playing Area

Firstly, make sure that you get an appropriate-sized table for everyone to stand around while they play. Then hang up your dartboard on a wall or set it up on a soft surface such as carpeted flooring or grass outdoors.

Make sure that the dartboard is hung up at the correct height – typically 5 feet 8 inches above the ground – so that your players can reach it with ease whilst standing away from their drink glasses or beer cans on their table behind them which could cause accidents if hit by a dart that misses its target!

Also, make sure there’s enough space around the board for everyone playing.

Setting Up The Game Board

Place your game board onto your playing area then fill each section with beers of different sizes, depending on how many players there are playing (at least two players are needed).

Each player should have one full beer in front of them when it’s time to start playing – but note that these beers should not be opened until after everyone has thrown their first throws at their respective targets!

How To Play Beer Darts

To start playing beer darts, each player chooses which area of the board they would like to throw at – this should rarely change throughout the game though since each player should focus on improving their accuracy in one area of the board rather than trying multiple areas at once.

Once someone has chosen what part of the board they’re going for, all players then open their beers and begin throwing at their chosen targets until someone manages to hit theirs successfully with 3 successive hits in that same target area consecutively without dropping one shot outside their target area!

The first person who achieves this feat wins the round and gets bragging rights over his/her opponents before they start again with another round – though sometimes other variations may be played such as instead of winning after three hits consecutively within the same target area – sometimes winning can require hitting all areas successfully once before finishing off by hitting same area consecutively three times too!

Variations Of Beer Darts Rules And Strategies

There are lots of variations when it comes to playing beer darts as well as strategies for getting better scores quickly:

  • For a more challenging game try increasing shooting distance from 6 feet away up to 10 feet away!
  • Utilize different throwing styles like backhand or underhand throws instead of just sticking with a standard front-hand throw which most people use initially
  • Mixing up angles and distances by throwing farther than normal or angling shots differently
  • If feeling adventurous try using different-sized beers as targets within the same game too – making bigger ones harder while smaller ones are easier
  • Try using two hands while aiming shots (one hand holds the end of the barrel while the other guides it toward the intended target)
  • Practice drink throws too – whether water bottles or cans – since knowing how different materials move through the air will help overall performance
  • Don’t forget the strategy behind throwing too: always aim high so the shot goes down into the target rather than aiming directly at the target where the chances of missing are higher if fatigued!

This also works best if trying longer distance shots since aiming higher allows gravity to work better by pulling the shot down into the desired spot more easily during its descent


Beer darts is an awesome bar game full of laughs and cheers when someone lands that perfect bullseye shot!

So grab some friends, grab some beers, grab some darts and get ready for some fun-filled evenings – soon enough you’ll be calling yourself a master beer darter because no one else can top your skills!

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