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How To Pour A Beer From Tap

Getting freshly poured beer from tap is a great pleasure for any beer enthusiast. After all, what could be better than enjoying a perfect pint of craft beer that has been freshly poured?

Pouring beer from the tap is an art form, but with some practice and patience, it is not too difficult to master.

Once you understand the basics of using a draft system and how to properly pour your beer, you can enjoy perfect pints each time!

For those of you who are looking to become experts in pouring the perfect pint from a beer tap, read on!

Beer Tap Basics: Components of a Draft System and Storage Tank

A draft system consists of all the equipment necessary for dispensing draft beer. This includes the storage tanks (kegs or cask), faucets, lines, gas blenders, regulators and couplers. The storage tanks contain the beer that will be poured into glasses or mugs for consumption.

Here’s a quick overview of these components:

  • Storage Tanks (Kegs or Cask) – The tanks where the beer is housed and stored before it’s ready to be dispensed.
  • Faucets – Where the beer is poured from.
  • Lines – Tubing that runs between different points in the system and used to transfer draft beer.
  • Gas Blenders – Allow you to customize your beverage experience by blending together different gases such as CO2 and nitrogen.
  • Regulators – Controls the pressure in a draft system and ensures the consistent flow of beer.
  • Couplers – Connects two separate parts of your draft system together, allowing for easier installation and maintenance.

With all these important components in place, you can craft a draft system perfect for enjoying your favorite libations!

Steps for Pouring a Beer From a Tap

The first step when pouring beer from a tap is to prepare the mug or glass. Choose an appropriate vessel and rinse it through with cold water in order to reduce any residual flavors that may remain in the glassware. Once your mug/glass is prepped, open up your faucet by pulling on its handle.

Make sure not to turn off your gas until your glass is full as this will result in flat beer. Pull up on the handle slightly and start pouring your glass until it is three-quarters full – no more!

Here are a few steps to follow if you want to look like a pro when pouring draft beer:

  • Get the gear: Make sure you have the proper glassware and a nice, clean tap.
  • Check the pressure: Draft beer works best when there’s consistent pressure. Make sure your keg is properly pressurized.
  • Position your glass: Ideally, the base of your glass should be angled slightly towards the stream of beer. Hold it several inches away from the tap handle so that it will fill evenly.
  • Start pouring: Very gently pull and push down on the handle until beer starts flowing out of the spout. Don’t push too hard, or you’ll have foam all over you (and we don’t want that!).
  • Monitor your pour: Your aim is to fill the glass without creating too much foam. Keep an eye on things and adjust your handle speed as needed until you reach that perfect balance.
  • Finish pouring: Congratulations! You’ve filled your glass with delicious draft beer perfection! Now all that’s left to do is enjoy that ice-cold swig…Cheers!

Safety Precautions when Pouring Beer

Pouring beer may look easy, but it comes with its own set of precautions. Here’s how to pour the perfect beer:

  • Take your beer out of the fridge a few minutes before you intend to pour. This will allow the beer to warm up, allowing for better flavor.
  • When ready, grab a glass and angle it 45 degrees so there’s more space for the beer to expand in.
  • Now place the mouth of the bottle directly above the mouth of your glass and begin pouring!
  • As you pour, start off slow and increase your speed near the end so you get a nice little head of foam on top.
  • If you have extra foamy fanatics in your group, try pouring into a different glass a second time to ensure they get their foam fix!
  • Once that’s done, enjoy your nicely poured beer! Cheers!

Beer Pouring Techniques

Pouring beer isn’t rocket science, but if you want to up your beer-drinking game, mastering the art of the perfect pour is a must. Here are some tips on how to make sure your beer is always looking and tasting its best:

  • Chill your glassware. Nothing dampens a great beer’s flavor like a warm glass. So before you even get to the pouring part, chill that mug or pint glass by running it under cold water or dropping in some ice cubes.
  • Hold your glass at an angle of 45 degrees when you start pouring. Tilting the glass helps create good foam and won’t let the beer escape in just one stream.
  • Once your mug is a quarter full, slowly change to an upright position as you near the top. This will help limit foam overflow and give you a smooth pour.
  • Let it “Burp.” When you’re finished pouring, raise the bottle vertically above the glass for a few seconds and allow it to release any remaining carbonation or “burp.” This will help you avoid over foaming and spilling suds onto your shirt!
  • Enjoy! Now all that’s left to do is find a comfortable chair and revel in that perfectly poured beer!

Common Beer Pouring Issues

With great power comes great responsibility – or at least great potential for inadvertent mistakes. Below are some common beer-pouring issues that we should all be aware of when partaking in this beautiful beverage:

  • Foam Overflow: Unless you’re pouring into a porterhouse steak or something else equally absorbent, foam overflow is an ever-present risk when pouring a brew. To help limit the foam, pour your beer slowly and steadily into a glass tilted at an angle.
  • Uneven Pouring: We’ve all seen that guy attempting to get every last drop out of his bottle… only to end up with either too much liquid in one glass and not enough in another, or simply a lot of wasted beer dripping on the floor! For even pours (and less waste), start by filling one glass and finish off with the other two.
  • Too Much Head: This is an easy one to fix – use a narrower glass! Taller glasses create more surface area for head to form than wide glasses do.

Ahhh… now that we’ve got this pesky little advice out of the way, back to drinking beers! Cheers!


Enjoy Your Perfectly Poured Beer On Tap! It takes some practice but once mastered, pouring a perfect pint from the tap is truly rewarding! Not only will having these skills enable you to show off to friends, family, and co-workers.

But also makes certain there are always freshly poured cold craft beers around! Go ahead, pour yourself a pint today!

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