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How to Pour a Beer Without Foam

There’s nothing worse than when you pour a beer and it comes out with a ton of foam!

Beer foam is called head, and it affects the taste. So what can you do to avoid foam when you pour beer?

We have a few tips for you in this blog post.

What You Need

Here is what you’ll need to pour without too much foam:

  • A clean glass
  • A bottle opener or can opener
  • The beer of your choice
  • Something to add in (optional): like an orange slice, lime wedge, etc.
  • Ice cubes (optional)

Cleaning and Sanitizing the Glass

Obviously, it’s important to use a clean glass for your beer. Make sure it has been washed with soap and water and sanitized with a solution before you pour. You can also run the glass under hot water just before pouring it.

Opening a Beer Bottle or Can

If you’re pouring from a bottle, make sure to open it far away from your glass so that any remaining pieces of the label won’t end up in your beer! To minimize the creation of foam when opening the bottle, gently tilt one side down so that air will escape instead of getting inside.

When opening canned beers, open them quickly by pressing down on the tab with one swift movement rather than slowly peeling back the tab—this will help reduce foaming too!

Pouring The Beer

When pouring beer into your glass, always aim for the center of the vessel and tilt at an angle slightly off-center from vertical. This creates more surface area, which helps avoid any big head buildup as well as aerates your beverage for better flavor.

Then move up to vertical once about halfway full. Once finished filling up make sure not to leave any bubbles on top that might cause excessive foaming after drinking!

Minimizing Foam

In addition to using the proper pouring techniques described above there are other ways you can minimize foaming:

  • Gently swirl the glass before serving – this helps break down any CO2 molecules holding onto each other, creating less head upon pouring
  • Leave some room at the top of your glass – this allows room for some carbonation but not enough to create too much foam when drinking

Additions and Garnishes

For added flavor or fun garnishes like an orange slice or lime wedge can be added into beer glasses directly before serving or placed on top after pouring – however be careful not to add any additional fruit juices or ingredients that could react with carbonation and create more foam than usual!


It takes some practice but if done correctly pouring without excessive foam is possible (and delicious). Just remember these key points: clean glasses carefully; open bottles/cans quickly away from glass; aim for center/slightly off vertical; gently swirl pre-serve; leave room at top; no added juices/ingredients post-pour! Cheers!

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