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How to Vortex a Beer?

Article Highlights

  • A vortex is a stream of bubbles that lines the surface of beer in a glass/mug, adding flavor and texture to the beverage
  • Steps to create a beer vortex from choosing a suitable glass or mug to swirling and spinning the beverage
  • What you’ll need: suitable glass or mug, beer, ice (optional), thumb
  • Preparing the beer for vortexing: find suitable glassware and fill halfway up with cold liquid; add ice cubes if desired
  • Finishing the vortex: carefully release pressure from the top while maintaining stability; excess foam should escape into the air leaving behind a perfectly aerated drink

Are you ready to take your beer-drinking experience to the next level? If so, then it’s time to learn how to vortex a beer!

This type of drink preparation is becoming increasingly popular as it adds additional flavor and texture to your favorite beverage.

In this blog post, I’ll take you step-by-step through the process of how to create a beer vortex. You’ll be an expert at beer vortexing in no time!

What Is A Vortex?

A vortex is basically an aerated stream of bubbles that lines the surface of a glass or mug filled with beer. This creates an attractive swirling motion along with a cascade of bubbles rising up from the bottom of the glass, and enhances the flavor and texture of your favorite brew.

With each sip, you’ll be able to enjoy the full flavor and character of your drink – all while looking oh-so-impressive as you swirl and sip!

Steps To Create A Vortex

Creating a beer vortex isn’t too hard once you know some basic steps:

  • Start by finding a suitable glass or mug for your drink, one that will accommodate plenty of foam.
  • Fill it up with enough liquid that there’s some room for the head (foam).
  • Place your thumb over the top opening while holding the glass sideways over your wrist.
  • With gentle rotating motions, swirl and spin the beverage inside until all sides are evenly covered in foam.
  • Add ice or extra liquid if necessary – but don’t let go until you’ve created your desired beer vortex.

When finished, slowly release your thumb until most (or all) of the excess foam escapes into the air leaving behind a perfectly aerated brew inside!

What You’ll Need To Make A Vortex Beer

Here are some items you will need for making a perfect beer vortex:

  • Suitable glass or mug
  • Beer
  • Ice (optional)
  • Your thumb

Preparing The Beer For The Vortex

Before starting with making the swirls, make sure that you have prepared correctly everything necessary for creating a great beer vortex:

  • Start by finding suitable glassware. Make sure it’s big enough so it has plenty of room for the foam head when filled up with liquid.
  • Next, fill up only halfway up with cold liquid – this creates more space for the foam head when swirling starts.
  • If desired, add ice cubes before starting to form the foam swirls in order to keep the beverage cool during the process and avoid warm air from hands entering into the drink while stirring/swirling (it should not be too cold either). If adding ice cubes isn’t necessary – just skip this step and proceed directly to the swirling start without delay.

Creating The Beer Vortex

Now that you’ve gathered all the necessary items & prepared everything correctly as required – it’s time to start making those cool swirls inside glass/mug filled with cold liquid!

  • Place thumb over the top opening while holding sideways over the wrist (ensuring stability).
  • Start swirling/stirring gently in circular motions until all sides are evenly covered in a nice thick layer of foam head (this will start aerating the drink which is an essential key part for creating nice thick & luscious swirls).
  • Make sure not to release the pressure too fast since we want the maximum amount possible total pressure created before taking away/releasing pressure too quickly – thus resulting in thinner layers instead more desirable thicker ones we are aiming for here when creating perfect vortexes inside our glasses/mugs filled cold liquid beverages!

Finishing The Beer Vortex

Once desired level is achieved & swirls have become visible – carefully release pressure from the top while still holding the other hand maintaining stability at the same time during the whole process (to avoid possibly spilling any liquids onto ourselves/table or floor).

Make this until most excess foam escapes into the air leaving behind perfectly aerated drinks inside our glasses/mugs ready now serve customers eyes wide open with admiration.

This will make thirst levels even higher than before after noticing such an impressive combination of beauty science together in one place!


By following these steps correctly, anyone can create an impressive & delicious beer vortex in just minutes! Not only does this method look great & impress your friends but it also enhances both the flavor and texture of any drink prepared this way!

So go ahead…grab yourself a cold bottle favorite craft brewery beverage. Let’s show off our skills as first-class experts on matters involving combining beauty science together in one place. Happy swirling!

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