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7 Best Gas Burner Stove for Beer Brewing

For someone with a passion for the flavor and richness of beer, store-bought products will not suffice. When your dreams revolve around getting the finest quality beer at home, the right equipment is essential.

Propane burners are the best choices for turning passionate brew enthusiasts into brewmasters.

Though there are several propane burners on the market for beer brewing, you need a sturdy and reliable burner.

Unlike brewing over a cozy campfire, the propane burner gives you control so that you do not deal with wort boil over and have no messy ashes to clean afterward.

Moreover, it burns cleaner than wood and is an eco-friendly alternative. Some of the factors to consider when buying the burner include:

  • Number of BTUs: this is a measure of the heat your burner produces. The BTU rating for propane burners is 55000-210000. A high BTU is not necessarily the best, and you should choose one based on your needs.
  • Single or double burner: your choice between a single and double burner depends on how much beer you want to brew.
  • Metal type: propane burners are made of steel, cast iron or stainless steel. Cast iron molds are sturdy and thick, but they are heavy and rust when left outdoors. Steel and stainless steel are light and thus ideal for travel. They are also rust-resistant, therefore suitable for burners that will be used and stored outdoors.
  • Burner windscreen: your burner should have a windscreen to keep the wind from putting out your flame.

Which is the Best Burner Stoves for Beer Brewing?

Below we’ve selected 7 burner stoves, which we consider really good, so you can brew beer at home like a pro:

1. Concord Deluxe 16″ Banjo Single Burner Stove

This is the ideal choice for those who want to engage in heavy-duty brewing. It measures 22x15x18″ and weighs 32 pounds.

The Concord Deluxe burner is made of heavy-duty cast iron with a weatherproof coating and is meant to last a lifetime.

It can support 20 quarts or 400 pounds of beer and can generate 20000BTUs of heat.

The burner has a detachable stand that can be used outdoors and is easily dismantled for storage. It also has a CSA-certified connector, hose and 20PSI regulator.


  • Massive capacity for beer brewing owing to the large surface area of the concord deluxe burner.
  • Sturdy construction to withstand adverse weather elements and heavy brewing activities.
  • Considerable firepower to take care of your wort boiling and turkey fryer requirements.
  • Detachable legs for easy storage.


  • The burner is distant from the pan’s bottom; thus, some heat is lost when brewing outdoors.
  • With continuous use, the burner often develops issues.
  • Paint at times burns off when cooking.


2. Northern Brewer-Dark Star Burner

Northern Brewer has remained one of the best brands for propane burners for decades.

The dark star burner is crafted with exceptional performance and engineering in mind.

It measures 12x18x13.5″ and weighs 14 pounds. This burner is easy to use because of its lighter port and since it comes readily assembled.

The banjo-style burner from Northern Brewer generates 65000 BTUs of energy with its 3.5-4-inch wind guard protecting against the wind blowing out your flame.

It also has a 5 PSI adjustable regulator for easy flame and gas control.


  • It is not a startup burner and will thus allow the fast boil of your batches and the boiling of massive beer quantities. It can boil five wort or gallons in 20 minutes.
  • Its polished stainless steel body and robust three-legged design allow you to get a maximum mix of your brew even in rough terrain.
  • The burner needs no assembly.
  • Can accommodate pots of up to 125 pounds wort capacity.


  • The paint at times wears off with use and emits an unpleasant smoke and smell.
  • It takes time to boil substantial brew quantities.


3. Gas One Square Heavy-Duty Burner

For those looking for a square heavy-duty burner, this is the ideal choice.

It measures 15.5×15.5×12″ and weighs 2.2 pounds.

This burner is a relatively cheap and comes with a steel braided CSA-certified hose with a 0-20 PSI adjustable regulator.

Unlike most burners on the market, the Gas One square heavy-duty burner has built-in safety features. This makes it a safe choice for even novice brewers.

The single burner is a versatile product that can be used for outdoor cooking and camping in addition to brewing. It has a 200,000 BTU rating making it among those with the highest heat outputs.


  • Made of cast iron and built sturdily.
  • Wind guard to protect your flame from the wind.
  • Low clearance and stable base, making it ideal for heavy stockpots.
  • A high-temperature coating that will not chip with frequent use.


  • The burner’s black paint might be transferred to your pots.
  • Some of the attachments are uninstalled.


4. Bayou Classic High-Pressure Banjo Burner

This burner has a 16-inch cooking surface diameter and is specially built for outdoor cooking.

It measures 22x14x10″ and weighs 29 pounds. Its adjustable flame allows you to get a lukewarm or roaring fire, but the BTU rating is 210,000.

The single-piece welded frame of the high-pressure banjo cooker from Bayou Classic gives you considerable support and strength when cooking.

The wide legs, on the other hand, guarantee the stability of your burner irrespective of the terrain in which you are using it.

This high-pressure cooker also comes with a 30 PSI preset regulator and a brass control valve that regulates the propane gas flow and flame intensity.


  • Oxygen inlet valve that gives you twice the power for less propane used.
  • Enclosed flames for minimal heat loss.
  • The burner evenly spreads heat to improve heat transfer to your pots and minimize scorching.
  • No noise while in operation.
  • Widespread legs give your burner immense stability.


  • Homebrewing can cause the charring of the burner’s protective paint.
  • Its blue flame has less heat than advertised.


5. Goplus Single High-Pressure Burner

This burner measures 15.5×15.5×17″ and weighs 13 pounds.

It is made of cast iron that guarantees its strength and outputs heat at up to 100,000 BTU.

The burner bracket design of the Goplus single high-pressure burner makes it ideal for all types of pots.

The burner comes with a CSA-certified regulator and a 0.5×51″ hose that is leak-proof, provided it is securely attached to the propane tank.


  • Anti-rust and waterproof coating. This makes it perfect for outdoor use or storage.
  • The design allows its immediate use without complicated setup procedures.
  • Firepower can be adjusted to match your cooking specifications.
  • Detachable legs make it easy to adjust the height for your cooking comfort and make the burner portable.
  • Maintains a constant temperature.


  • It does not have a windbreak, and thus using it in windy conditions will prove challenging.


6. Bayou Classic High-Pressure Burner

This measures 18x18x13″ and weighs 13.8 pounds. It has a cooking surface of 14″ and is best suited for outdoor cooking.

It has a BTU rating of 59,000 and a pressure rating of 10 PSI.

The burner has an adjustable flame feature that allows you to get the ideal temperature for your foods.

The wide-set legs of the Bayou Classic high-pressure burner make it a stable option for your homebrewing and cooking demands.

You can adjust the flames and use a gentle setting to simmer water and still slow cook your soup.

This makes this high-pressure burner by Bayou Classic an ideal choice for camping since you can cook all your foods on it.


  • Versatility for those looking for one solution for all their cooking needs.
  • The stocky build and compact design make it portable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 360-degree windscreen protection for your flame.
  • The 48-inch hose increases the distance between your stock pots and propane gas for extra safety.


  • The flame might go out in high wind conditions.
  • The protective paint might char with continued use.


7. ROVSUN Outdoor Propane Burner

This is made of cast iron and measures 15.9×15.9×12.2″ with a weight of 22.9 pounds.

Its BTU rating is 200,000, and its 0-20PSI regulator is meant for safe and fast cooking.

This single portable burner is the perfect choice for homebrewing and camping.

The ROVSUN outdoor burner also comes with an adjustable fire control valve that allows its use for different cooking methods, including stewing, steaming, boiling and frying.


  • The overall design is stable and strong.
  • The flame is clean, hot and produces no soot.
  • Easy assembly.


  • The legs of the cooker are non-adjustable.
  • Should be adequately protected from the wind for your flame to last.


How to Set Up a Home Brewing Station?

Getting the best burner to form the above for your homebrewing is only the first step. Some people will spend thousands getting the right machine but then place it on a shelf and forget about it.

Setting up a home brewing station is the ideal choice to motivate you into homebrewing. Design your space around what you like and hate about the brewing process.

Here are some elements to consider when designing your homebrewing station:

  • The space you are building in and how the brewing process will work in it.
  • Where to store your homebrewing equipment when not in use.
  • Workflow design to have the cleanest and best station.
  • How to control the homebrewing processes like fermentation temperatures.
  • Style of the space such as arty, fun or fashionable.

Moreover, keep in mind that you do not need a lot of space for homebrewing. A small corner in your house or even a shelf can suffice for your venture.

A two-cubic feet space will be enough for stashing your equipment, but this primarily depends on the portability of your burner.

Is Brewing Beer Dangerous?

Homebrewing of beer is no more dangerous than cooking soup. In the latter activity, the pot of soup might fall and burn you. Brewing a partial batch or extract indoors often just requires you to boil worts and steep grain.

You should be cautious not to spill any hot wort while boiling it and chilling it. Boilovers are no real dangers but can mess up your burner.

Other than boilovers, the following are some things you should look out for in homebrewing to boost the process’s safety:

  • Forgetting to vent propane.
  • Not cleaning up spills fast since you can slip on them.
  • Failing to bleed pressure from kegs before you open the lids.
  • Foregoing the testing of gravity before bottling your beers.
  • Wearing open-toed shoes for homebrewing since these expose your toes to spills.
  • Touching boil kettle handles without hand protection.

Is It Legal To Brew Beer At Home?

In 1978, homebrewing was federally legalized since its prohibition in 1919. Even so, the regulation of alcohol is primarily left to states to decide.

For instance, there are statutes in a few states restricting homebrewers from getting the beer out of their homes for community consumption. Other states also dictate the allowed ingredients and brewing methods for their homebrew.

Check the laws in your state before embarking on homebrewing to avoid legal issues.

How Long Does It Take To Brew Beer?

It is normal to look forward to the time you will taste your homebrewed beer. The time taken from the raw materials for your beer to the finished product will depend on the quality of yeast you use and the ingredients you choose, among other elements.

Even so, on average, it takes a month or two to finish the whole process. The preparation of ingredients and boiling then cooling will take a few hours, then you ferment the beer in your brewing kit for not less than two weeks.

You will then pour the beer into a bottle and leave it for about four weeks to carbonate.


With these tidbits, you are now ready for your homebrewing process. While the process itself might seem long and expensive, be assured that the satisfaction of homebrewed beer is worth it.

Moreover, you will have saved some cash if you choose to have some friends over to savour your beer and show off your brewing skills. Either way, it’s a win-win for you.

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