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How To Shotgun A Beer?

The art of enjoying a beer is an ancient practice enjoyed by people around the world.

From Ireland to Mexico, beer drinkers of all ages enjoy both the taste and ritual needed to consume a beer. But no matter how it is served, there’s simply nothing like shotgunning a beer.

Overview of Shotgunning a Beer & Benefits

For those who haven’t been initiated into the pop-culture tradition, shotgunning is the act of drinking a can of beer in one gulp by puncturing it then using atmospheric pressure to pressurize the can and shoot the contents down the throat.

It’s an art form that’s been popularized by movies, TV shows, and video games over the last few decades. But don’t let its pop-culture roots fool you – this is an ancient skill that has been used for centuries and can be quite enjoyable when done properly.

So what are some of the benefits of shotgunning a beer?

Well, for starters, you get an adrenaline rush from puncturing the can and consuming it quickly. Additionally, you get instant satisfaction from not having to wait for your refreshing beverage to pass your lips – you just grab it and swallow! And finally, it’s great when transitioning between beers – no more waiting in between brews!

Preparing: Necessary Supplies & Right Beer

When preparing to shotgun a beer, start by gathering your supplies: an empty soda can (for burping into) and scissors or some other object capable of puncturing metal.

Finally, choose your poison – preferably something light like a lager or pilsner since these won’t overpower your taste buds as quickly as something heavier like a stout or IPA would.

Steps to Shotgun a Bear

Here are the steps to shotgun a beer:


Once you have all your supplies ready, crack open your brewski then begin burping it into your empty can in order to expel excess gas from inside but make sure not to leave enough room for foaming during consumption.

Making Hole

Next up is making the hole in the top part of the can which should be about 1cm wide with sharp edges for easy insertion below when drinking; we’d also recommend using scissors instead of other objects to avoid any metal shards accidentally entering the mouth during consumption and know that with this step complete you’re ready to live life on the edge!

Hand on Top

Once everything checks out with regards to having the right size hole on top and the appropriate pressure burp gone through lower alcohol content beers then lay hand flat on top before tipping the can at 45 degrees (and keeping hand still) as this method helps keep liquid as centralized as possible whilst increasing velocity at which travels down the throat.

Also, the benefit here is additional air entering because the hand acts as a valve allowing incoming air to mix with outgoing liquid resulting in one-two-punch maximum refreshment every time!

Tips & Enjoy

Finally comes actually enjoying the experience with confidence knowing steps were followed correctly. Do not worry though those who don’t have a home bar setup because the older generation may have passed down info regarding where to drink.

You can do this indoors, but there are still outdoor areas where you can shotgun a beer, just remember to bring friends along and keep safe. And don’t forget to drink responsibly anyway.

Safety: Drinking Responsibly & Choosing Location

If you’re gonna drink beer, it might be entertaining to shotgun it – but don’t forget to keep your safety at the forefront and remember to drink responsibly!

Choose a location where it’s not gonna get you in trouble with the law, like your living room or an empty field. And keep in mind that y’all, no one wants to see you pulling a “Jack Sparrow” after chugging a few brewskis and operating any heavy machinery – so just keep your hands off all the stuff you can’t lift with one finger after guzzling down your beverage.

If you wanna get lit, go for a shotgun – but beware of those sharp can edges! And remember: sip before you chug, or the beer could chug you instead.

When it comes to alcohol, make sure to imbibe it in moderation. After all, no one wants to get handcuffed for a few too many brewskis. Be the responsible adult you know you can be!


If you’re looking to get the party started – and fast – the key to success is in your pocket: shotgunning a beer. All you need is a trusty key, or better yet a specialized tool, to create a hole in the can and let the beer flow. Down the hatch! It’s an ideal way to quickly enjoy your brew while having some fun with friends.

Drinking beer via shotgunning may seem like an enticing way to imbibe, but let’s not forget: a moment on the lips, a lifetime in the hospital! So, sip responsibly and be wary of the dangers that accompany hastily consumed booze-o-la!

If you’re of legal drinking age and choose to wet your whistle, please do it in a responsible manner – with your glass full and your car keys locked away! While it might not always be the case, remember the motto: Beer before gears!

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